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Style Shooting in Hotel de Rome

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Sometimes everything just comes together truly beautiful. We at Julia Gauld Flower had for some time the vision to create a pastel wedding theme in a stunning classical surrounding. The inspiration for that was the Netflix series Bridgeton therefore we decided to set it up in the stunning 5 star hotel Hotel de Rome in the center of Berlin, were historic landmarks are a beautiful backdrop for any couple shooting. These two mood boards are a sneak peak preview from the fantastic photographer Miriam Kaulbarsch from Berlin. The color concept and flower concept, plus table rentals were from Julia Gauld Flowers.

The intricate wedding dress was curated by Eleni Conti bridal wear. The stunning and hand illustrated stationary were from Williams & Gauld. And the white classical chiavari chairs were sponsored by Universum rentals. Ceremony speaker was Kerstin Guyote, who created a beautiful atmospehre for the ceremony shooting.The bespoke cake was created by the creative Illouz Stephanie from Cakes Berlin. It was such a pleasure and honor to work with so many talented people.


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