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What type of bride are you and which bouquet fits your style?

Here are five bridal styles for you to find out which bride you are.

The natural/ the meadow bride: You want all things natural no fuss, you celebrating in a garden or in the mountains. You love a bouquet of a freshly plugged bouquet from a meadow. You are a country girl at heart.

You are a diva/ the floaty bouquet You traveled the world, your friends are international and you like to break with traditions. Therefore the floaty shows you unconventional way of thinking and this bouquet makes a beautiful silhouette. You want to sparkle and everybody will shine with you.

The princess / the waterfall bouquet. You are in love with castles. You like the big entrance, well with this stunning bouquet you going to have the bridal moment. The doors open and look amazing in your ballgown. All eyes are on you.....

The classic bride/ wild dome shape. You like your traditions, you are not to experimental and

understatement is something you love. You shine trough your pure elegance. Your style is timeless and you will still love your wedding photos after 20 years.

The modern bride/ V-shape bouquet. You like jumpsuit and modern. Maybe you even elope! You bridal bouquet are some of the few things that are extravagant. Otherwise you live by the motto less is more.

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